Welcome to the aapki education website

Aapki education is a team of skilled professionals based in roorkee.

We offer a world-leading education system that equips others with the knowledge and skills also help to resolve the problems of others related to education(such as provding teaching & learning resources, helping in projects and work assigned to students). We help in web desinging and autocat, solid works designing also deal with auto cad and solid works designing project.  We facilitate a new way of learning and acquiring knowledge in diiffrent diffrent areas by our specialists team. Our mission is to spread the knowledge from one to many and develop interest in gaining knowledge in field of technology, engineering, math, arts and other creative work.  


If your are looking for online suport in eudcation such as web design, study material, your disigning project etc.. then this is a right place for you. plz 

feel free to contact us at aapkieducation@gmail.com

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